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3D Services

BluEdge’s comprehensive 3D services give full shape to your creative vision. Our 3D labs offer everything from design and fabrication to material and equipment specification, onsite or virtual software education, scanning and printing events, laser cutting, and more. BluEdge adds a whole new dimension to the practice and promise of 3D printing.

3D Is Here To Stay

3D has changed how we interact with structures and spaces. 3D printing, 3D rendering and 3D scanning allows architects, engineers and construction professionals to gain critical insights before embarking on major building projects.

3D has created a whole new maker universe, where almost anyone, from an individual, to a small business owner, to a corporation has the ability to create, invent, and fabricate 3D printed objects in their own vision.

3D has revitalized manufacturing and prototyping for tech, healthcare, automotive, consumer products and pharmaceutical industries. Services like 3D printing and 3D scanning have created a new generation of savvy product developers who can print just about any part, tool, device or object to solve any problem or critical need.

For the last 10 years, BluEdge has been on the forefront of this technology, driving innovation and awareness of 3D. Visit BluEdge and learn more about our full capabilities in 3D printing, 3D scanning, and 3D rendering.

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We were very pleased at the expediency and quality of work that BluEdge delivered to us. The 3D printing experience was successful from start to finish. BluEdge has a robust amount of resources and options to produce just the model you are looking for.

– LLB Architects