When it comes to 3D equipment, BluEdge has a single mission: to put the power of 3D printing into your hands. That’s why we’ve developed the “Freedom to Test” pilot program. This gives you the chance to experience the best of 3D technology on your own terms and in your own space.

The BluEdge “Freedom to Test” program is available on a reserved basis for free trials:

  • PHASE 1 is a no-charge trial period: no charges and no commitments.
  • PHASE 2 is a pay-as-you-go trial period: pay only for what you use with no commitments.
  • PHASE 3 is a contract period: 24– to 60-month contract options. Both short- and long-term contract period equipment trials come with rental/purchase options, with mid-contract upgrades always available. You can choose from new or used equipment.

You may also test, rent, or purchase 3D printing equipment from BluEdge, allowing you the perfect opportunity to build your own 3D lab. Our equipment offering includes:

  • The fastest 3D printers.
  • Monochrome or full-color powder printers.
  • Full color textures on 3D prints.
  • Large print beds.
  • Standard resolution plastic: perfect for offices and easy to use.
  • High resolution plastic: offering smoother surface finishes and strong material properties.
  • Laser cutters and engravers.

BluEdge offers in-depth user training supported by a 24/7 help desk. We offer 100% reliability and backup and provide professional client invoicing.