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3D Rendering Services

Go Beyond Printed Presentations

BluEdge offers professional rendering services across several styles and formats. We can turn your floor plans, site plans, elevations, CAD documents, etc. into finished 3D spaces. Any detail you provide to our experienced team can be translated into a 3D rendering, such as additional specs for furniture, lighting, or non-essential scenic objects to provide additional realism.

Select from a range of artistic styles for your custom rendering, no detail is too small. We will work with you to achieve the desired level of modeling and finishes. We are also happy to provide you and your client a detailed list of required documents and resolutions (CAD, JPG, PDF) to better assist you in preparing for the rendering process.


Clay Model
Clay Model: A digital model of a building or space where no materials have been applied. Shade, shadow and light are used give the object form and function.
Photo Realism
Photo Realism: A high-end, photo-realistic 3D representation of your architectural plans or drawing.
Photo Realism (Professional)
Photo Realism (Professional): Top-tier visualization style with every detail considered to make the rendering as dramatic and realistic as possible.