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Cost Recovery

Argos is the BluEdge print monitoring (cost recovery) software that puts you in control. If you print it, Argos tracks it: monitoring every print and copy on your printers, plotters, and copiers. Then, by consolidating all your data into one central place, Argos gives you the ability to report, bill, and analyze everything that happens on your network. Argos brings you knowledge, power, greater efficiency, and increased savings.


Global Printing. Print once, pick it up at any printer. Argos streamlines your printing environment by reducing the number of print queues on workstations while increasing productivity – you’ll never need to wait in line to pick up a print job again. Just hit Print, then walk to any device to retrieve your documents.

Secure Release. To ensure that nothing comes out of a printer, copier, or plotter until you’re safely standing right in front of it, Argos OnBoard applications run right on the panel of your printers. Just log in via your personal PIN code or swipe card, and your job prints…securely and privately.

Designed for AEC. Argos was designed from the ground up to be compatible with the specialty hardware and software found in AEC firms. Large format printers, plot submission tools, AutoCAD, and walkup scan tracking are the norms for Argos, not the exceptions.