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Equipment & Software Solutions

Need equipment installed? Check. Maintained? Check! Whether your business is big or small, near or far, for us you’re just the right size and in just the right place. Hundreds of firms around the country and around the world call us the industry experts they need to install and maintain equipment, hardware, and software. Our commitment to providing highly personalized service means our client-to-technician ratio leans way toward the client side… so we pretty much live in your back pocket, always on hand to help maximize your staff productivity and support your core business practices. Partnering with BluEdge brings plenty of benefits:

  • Eliminate your need for inflexible and lengthy lease obligations.
  • Replace your expensive plan room staff with our experienced, trained associates.
  • Place the latest equipment and software technologies without capital outlay.
  • Create a single, streamlined invoice for equipment, service, supplies, and support, making reimbursement easy.
  • Rightsize your equipment for efficiency and cost savings.
  • Consolidate expenses, reduce overhead, and maximize productivity.
  • Receive quarterly and annual production reviews to ensure that you’re maximizing your investment.
  • Enjoy full 24/7 support from BluEdge’s software and hardware experts, removing the burden from your IT Department.