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Project Collaboration

SmartUse by NewformaSmartUse by Newforma — available on BlueEdge’s Workspace Hub — enables owners, designers, and extended construction teams to collaborate in real-time, from anywhere. You can instantly compare and share plans, markups, revisions, pictures, and notes. You can work from different locations. Or gather in front of a large screen to work together. However you choose to collaborate, BluEdge gets you faster to the answers you seek, and helps you make timely decisions for more predictable and successful projects.

Navigate more quickly. SmartUse automatically creates hyperlinks to your detail call-outs, letting you navigate faster between sheets.

Manipulate multiple documents more efficiently. Working digitally allows you to open, pan, and zoom more quickly than you can with paper plans. View as thumbnails or expand to full size.

Collaborate live, in real-time. Work with your team from anywhere to everywhere. Instantly share markups, new revisions, RFIs, pictures, and written or audio notes.

Compare two or more sheets. Detect clashes by overlaying plans from multiple trades. Or compare sheets side-by-side to track progress between revisions.

Pull plans from many sources. Connect to whomever or whatever has the information you need.

BluEdge’s Workspace Hub features an interactive touchboard, motorized tilt cart that can lay totally flat, and robust slim PC. We provide all software and perform all installation.