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Staffing Solutions

Think optimizing your office functions requires all hands on deck and eyes in the back of your head? Think again — and think BluEdge. Our managed print services staffing solutions rely on a crack team of highly trained BluEdge professionals who work with you, on-site, on whatever office functions you need: from standard copying and printing to mailroom fulfillment, document management, technical support, and more.

Each on-staff BluEdge team member is pre-screened and managed by our MPS leadership, who regularly evaluate each member’s ability to provide the essential client services and operational support skills your company needs. Using BluEdge staffing can lower — or even eliminate — high overhead costs and management responsibilities. Our highly trained on-site staff supports your in-house staff for all reprographics and other administrative services. We also reliably ensure continuous support for peak periods, scheduled vacations, and emergency situations such as sick days or unanticipated time off.

Key advantages of BluEdge on-site staffing solutions:

  • We are experienced working in all MPS hardware and software configurations for all equipment provided.
  • We provide daily color management and calibration.
  • All on-site staff are pre-screened and trained.
  • We provide expert backup at our own commercial shop locations for every service we provide at your site.

BluEdge on-site associates will take full responsibility for managing all hardware and software related to your location, including:

  • Performing daily morning quality test prints from color devices as well as providing printing and reprographic consultation services.
  • Acting as your on-site client service representative.
  • Producing all on-site work (plotting, copying, binding, scanning, etc.) and coordinating all work on-site and off.
  • Scheduling deliveries and coordination of off-site work as necessary.
  • Delivering completed work to your staff.
  • Maintaining paper supplies, toner, and other consumables in stock for all reprographic equipment. We will check all consumables several times daily and restock if necessary.
  • Keeping all equipment areas neat and clean.
  • Identifying and troubleshooting hardware and software issues, and coordinating service.
  • Maintaining cost recovery solutions.
  • Performing mailroom fulfillment.