Laser Cutting / Model-Makibg

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Laser Cutting / Model-Making



Laser cutting bridges the gap between conventional model-making and 3D printing. Laser cutting is very practical and useful in the the construction of models, and adds an additional option for highly detailed presentations. For example, if we want to make a table top display with a contour, we would use laser cutting to create a step effect topography and then put a 3D print on top.

Our laser cutting experts can engrave or cut any design in a wide range of materials. We work directly from vector lines or raster imagery. And we create quick model components and product giveaways. All you have to do is specify either your own materials or choose from ours, including plastics, glass, wood, or paper. However we cut it, BluEdge laser services are sure to impress with incredible detail and surprising speed.


We use digital fabrication to take the great tradition of hand-made architectural models to the next level. The result? Speedier production. Greater versatility. A higher level of creative freedom. And extraordinary detail in creating landscapes, topos, buildings, model plugs, and more… all reflecting complex geometries, true-to-life color, and completely original components.