Laser Scanning

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Laser Scanning


The specialists at BluEdge can scan objects or spaces, no matter how large, with today's laser scanning capabilities. One laser scanner can do a 360 degree scan of a room and take almost a million data points in seconds, without hiring a team of surveyors and architects over a longer period of time. There really is no limit to what we can scan – objects, buildings, interiors and exteriors.

BluEdge often uses a combination of scanning capabilities, aerial photography, photogrammetry with laser scanning, and conventional surveying. Whether you're an architect, engineer or construction professional, we can explore the best-case scenario and solution for your project.

Our capabilities include 3D scanning, digitizing, rendering, modeling, reverse engineering, replication and more. We provide multiple deliverables such as point cloud data, vector data in applications such as Revit and AutoCAD as well as 2D plans that represent accurate as-built conditions.