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BluEdge Fabrication Work Helps Honor Dr. Robert Fischell, Inventor of the BX Velocity Heart Stent

To help honor the important work and career of Dr. Robert Fischell, who was a generous donor to the University of Maryland, BluEdge collaborated with Ballinger Architects, Clark Construction, and the University of Maryland to fabricate a sculpture of a BX Velocity Heart Stent. The project was for Clark Hall, recently opened at U. of M. campus.

The fabrication specialists at BluEdge created a large-scale replica of the heart stent, measuring 17 ft. high x 3 ft. diameter in total. The fabrication was created in stainless steel, waterjet cut from ¼" thick Stainless-steel sheets, then rolled to the dimension of the column. The steel was welded together and refinished in a brush finish. A stainless steel plaque accompanied the architectural dimension. The architectural dimension was then installed using 1.5 standoffs onto the column inside of Clark Hall.

BluEdge was originally approached to 3D print the architectural dimensions, but with their broad expertise and knowledge, they ultimately took on a broader role as general contractor for the engineering stamped documents, fabrication and installation of stainless steel.

Did You Know? The original stent was invented by Dr. Robert Fischell, David Fischell and David Majercak. Amazingly, their flexible stent device has been implanted in more than 20 million patients throughout the world.

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