BluEdge Produces 3D Printed Face Shields for Healthcare Workers

This is a new and uncharted world that we have all suddenly found ourselves in. As the gravity of the COVID-19 epidemic became evident, BluEdge wanted to find a way to mitigate the risk of healthcare workers who are being exposed to the virus on a daily basis. The Executive team came together, along with some of our clients, and decided to produce and donate PPE face shields.

Over the past several weeks, BluEdge has transferred all of our Ultimaker 3D printers to our Belleville, NJ branch. Several BluEdge clients have also donated their printers to the cause, resulting in a 14-printer 3D farm that has been running 24/7. In addition to the farm, we have been utilizing a Dimension 1200 3D Printer, a Stratasys F170 3D Printer, a Multi-Cam Router, and a Zund Cutter. Together, our shop is now capable of producing 10,000 face shields per week.

When asked about the transformation of BluEdge's production facility, Frank Plum, Vice President of Sales, stated, "I have been so impressed by the number of our clients who have helped us to get this initiative off the ground. They were so quick to donate their machines in the name of helping our frontline medical professionals. This is an unprecedented moment in our history, but the silver lining has been seeing how the community has come together to help those who are putting their health and safety on the line."

Up to 50% of our 3D output is being donated to healthcare and other essential workers. At the time of this posting, BluEdge has donated to the following institutions:

  • Children's Hospital Landover, MD
  • Montefiore Medical Center, NY
  • Mount Sinai Hospital, NY
  • NYU Langone Belle Harbor, NY
  • Overlook Medical Center of Summit, NJ
  • Reconstructive Surgery Group, NJ
  • Rochester Medical Center, NY
  • St. Joseph's Children's Hospital, NJ
  • Township of West Milford, NJ
  • Washington Adventist Hospital, MD