Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful and quick this morning with our last minute printing job, you really helped me out of a tight spot. It was extremely well done, and we received praise for its quality.

I am a small company, with a small monthly account, but BluEdge never makes me feel that way. They are always there when we need help with anything, and their response time is unmatched.

Thank you for an exceptional job on my vehicle graphics. The design and print quality are outstanding, and the installation was fast and easy. I am purchasing a second van for my business soon and I will be calling on the BluEdge team to work their magic once more. Keep up the great work!

Ever since we made the switch over to BluEdge, I have been nothing but impressed! Your reproductions, color replication and quick turnaround times have over exceeded what I was typically used to. I thank you guys greatly and I will be recommending you to any company looking for an exceptional graphics/reproduction/printing company.

Our firm has a 40+ year history with BluEdge, who as a group have earned our loyalty by providing the highest service imaginable. Their staff is creative, courteous, intelligent and very flexible. This is true of both the in-plant operators, the technicians at the main plant, and especially our account representative and upper management who take excellent care of our immediate and long term needs. BluEdge is a local company with an old fashioned dedication to quality and a completely up to date vision for meeting its customers' technical needs.

We were very pleased at the expediency and quality of work that BluEdge delivered to us. The 3D printing experience was successful from start to finish. BluEdge has a robust amount of resources and options to produce just the model you are looking for.

As design professionals, we are conditioned to working to the last minute in order to refine our end product to the greatest extent possible. This can put an enormous strain on all participants in the project delivery process. BluEdge has always been a reliable partner, willing to expend the effort required to ensure that we are able to deliver our projects on time and in accordance with our high quality standards. They are highly professional, and have always been a pleasure to work with.

I love being able to place an order at my convenience; 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The system takes me step by step, ensuring that all the important information is communicated the first time which ends up saving me time. I love it!

From the onset of the distribution of our documents, BluEdge's staff has gone beyond any of my expectations of organization, professionalism, and information distribution. I have been involved in public bidding for twenty years and I have never had the distribution of documents to contractors go so smooth and without problems.

The entire team at BluEdge continues to exceed expectations. From meeting tight deadlines, to fulfilling special request orders, they have become a big part of our document management process. It's good to know that we have a solid team at BluEdge that we can trust with any job for any project, big or small.

BluEdge's color management services have enabled our marketing department to assure consistency between digital images, their view on screen and in the output from our color printer. It's amazing the variation you can possibly get from image to print without BluEdge calibrating and profiling our printers, scanner, monitors and other equipment. They always keep us as close to perfection as possible.

I wanted to thank BluEdge for their expertise in 3D. It really eases my mind that we have someone to turn to when we need assistance with getting files ready to print. The wrap of the SketchUp file worked perfectly and the customer was super impressed.

Thank you all for making the transition to BluEdge FM so pleasant. You have a really well coordinated team at BluEdge, plus everyone is so easy going! MNLA staff found them all to be helpful and patient.

We have used BluEdge for our blueprint printing for over five years, and recently started using them for our advertising displays. It has been a pleasure working with them to find out the products and services they offer and in most cases at a cost saving to us. The staff was pleasant to work with, was available for consultation, and the products were delivered when we needed them.

After a competitive review process, Columbia University Medical Center hired BluEdge to archive over 10,000 architectural and engineering drawings. We found BluEdge to have superior web management capabilities, along with exceptional customer service.

It was a pleasure collaborating with you on the 3D model prints for the Family Court House. It was a unique process to learn first hand how today's 3D printers work and process information. The consensus is everyone is happy with the models and the models more than convey the big idea and impact of sight lines from street level. I got a chance to get a closer look today and it is remarkable the fine detail that you can produce. It was really amazing to see computer model come to life in a different form of model than usual. It definitely helps seeing the finished product to understand even better some of your direction and what the 3D printer is capable of. Next time will be more efficient than ever.

You have an excellent, client oriented crew there. Exemplary for your company. They know not only how to manage a smooth operation, but to also ensure that clients leave pleased and satisfied with a great printing / production vendor backing them.

We have been blown away by the support, timeliness, courtesy, patience, and understanding from your staff many times over in the last week, and I'd love to wish you sincere congratulations on such a truly exemplary team.

Some of the key aspects that typically set them (BluEdge) apart from the others is their leadership. They've placed some of the best managed print service people that I've ever worked with. They know our business, and that's really where their value comes through.