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888-599-6611This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.HelpDeskBluHub
888-599-6611This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.HelpDeskBluHub


Ask yourself… Is your plan information up to date? Is every team member viewing the most recent document versions? Are you confident when you click on a link, it has the most recent updates?

Hyperlinking gets everyone on the same page, quickly and confidently, aggregating all your plan information in one place, to maintain document continuity.

BluEdge has always been the leader in blueprints for the architectural, engineering and construction industry. We take this knowledge and expertise and offer your business critical insights to improve document waste and save you time and money.

BluEdge employs industry standard Bluebeam software for our hyperlinking solutions. We use Bluebeam and interface with our clients file management systems or we use Bluebeam studio which is the built-in cloud based storage site of Bluebeam. We take physical plans, scan them, digitize them, perform Optical Character Recognition which will convert the text from the picture to actual vector text that can be utilized. Then, we organize it, log it, place it in an organized folder structure, rename the files and from there, we'll hyperlink.

Bluebeam technology offers numerous solutions beyond hyperlinking, such as zoom view, dashboard, and navigation icon. On average, architects and construction professionals utilize only 20% of Bluebeam's full features. These tools make it much easier and quicker to navigate blueprints. You can rely on our BluEdge hyperlinking specialists to work closely with you, and ensure document continuity from print to digital format.