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Environmental Graphics: Contributing to a Healthy Built Environment

We live with increasing awareness of how our environment directly impacts our health and well-being; from the air we breathe, the foods we eat and the materials we come in contact with. There is a realization that we all need to be vigilant of harmful contaminates in our daily lives.

We as printers of environmental graphics can play a role by offering sustainable products to our clientele. One of the best ways to make these products available to the architectural and design community is through the mindful MATERIALS initiative.

mindful MATERIALS was developed by some of the leading architectural design firms in the world to offer a common platform for manufacturers to clearly communicate transparency and ingredient information about their building products. Current "green" certifications are listed to clearly identify each product's environmental impact. Prior to publishing to their online library, entries are reviewed by mindful MATERIALS staff to ensure the accuracy of the information given. Access to the library is free of charge.

For designers this is a useful resource to source eco building products and their certifying documents. It makes it easier to design spaces that are conducive to healthy living.

The initiative is relatively new and growing. BluEdge has its own sustainable digital wall coverings and wraps listed on the mindful MATERIALS website, and we hope other providers of eco-friendly building products will join this important collaborative.

To get involved and read more about the mindful MATERIALS initiative, just click here.

For more information about our sustainable digitally printed wall coverings, click here.

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